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The Human Rights Zoetrope

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Sophia Kyriacou



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I was commissioned by Noon Visual Creatives to design a television programme brand on the various aspects of human rights, simply called, Human Rights. To express the various aspects of human rights I turned to the concept of the Zoetrope. The Greek word, Zoe, means life and tropos, wheel, so created a "wheel of life" scenario with a Ying and Yang approach. The Zoetrope is grounded by water, without it; there simply is no life. As the viewer is taken above the tiers, the imprisoned dove flying free contrasts the negative scenario of the prisoner. Above a Syrian child wearing a life jacket suggests to have travelled across the Mediterranean Sea to find hope and is contrasted by a young girl oblivious, happily playing with a spinning top. An essential part of the brief was the opening title sequence had to withstand repeated viewing, packed with stories and deliver both English and Arabic end frame typographical versions but with identical visuals.

Vega Awards The Human Rights Zoetrope Vega Awards The Human Rights Zoetrope
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