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Museum Barberini Smart Guide

Entrant Company

MicroMovie Media GmbH (GuidePilot)



Client Name

Museum Barberini, Potsdam


Educational Institution

The Barberini App brings the museum and art experience to a new level. Using state of the art technology, an intuitive UX, fresh design and top content we were able to reach top positions and ratings in a matter of 4 weeks after opening the Museum Barberini in Potsdam, Germany. Digital education is more important than ever in the cultural space and we address this need by developing a new platform for navigating visitors though cultural treasures and artworks. The Barberini App turns your museum visit into an interactive experience and merges playfully technology with culture. The app features current und upcoming exhibitions, individual audio tours and 360 views of the museum. The intuitive indoor navigation via iBeacons gives you the freedom to fully concentrate on the artworks. Before your visit you have the possibility to explore the museum in 360. Arrived in the the museum, you can choose individual audio tours for children and adults. Especially attractive is the explore mode, which shows you artworks in different rooms while walking through the exhibition. You can feel totally free and informed. Favorite artworks can be collected to keep the special moments alive. Stores: The Museum Barberini:

Vega Awards Museum Barberini Smart Guide Vega Awards Museum Barberini Smart Guide Vega Awards Museum Barberini Smart Guide


Jasdan Joerges
Web Developer
Daniel Krüger
Niels Rumpf
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