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Nutric - Health Supplement & Personal Care

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Nutric Group


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BRIEF: This is a range of supplement & personal care products that help improve people's health and appearance. The brief was to revamp client's packaging design and structure to meet the new company's brand strategy which is National Symbol of Uncompromising Science of nutrition in the world. CONCEPT: Algorithm Architecture to "Cura-trition", a brand that understand science, technology & engineering. The main inspiration focus on the combination of "Art" and "Science". The structure of the triangle represent the concept of "Algorithm to cura-trition", while the color represent the team who help bring the cure to the people who needed. When the 2 tall box combine together it become a join pattern, the idea is to communicate this 2 products should be use together. 1 for morning & another for night. MATERIAL & EFFECT: FSC Pearlized Card, Triangle Contour, Silver & Clear Hot Stamping, Pearl Varnish, Emboss, Unique QR. CHALLENGES: 1.) Translate the new brand strategy effectively into the form of packaging design. 2.) Bring an innovative idea that never been done before to life. Which is to complete all the effect and requirement above, the innovative folding structure and all involving many different processes. Especially the unique QR code, each single unit must printed in different QR code. 3.) To ensure the whole production meet the budget and short deadline, with the limitation of technology and resources available in our market, we work very closely with print production team and done countless of experiments until we get the desirable result that closest to the original idea.

Vega Awards Nutric -  Health Supplement & Personal Care Vega Awards Nutric -  Health Supplement & Personal Care Vega Awards Nutric -  Health Supplement & Personal Care


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