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Quinta da Vacaria

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Rita Rivotti, Wine branding & Design



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A. Monteiro e Pôncio, Lda.


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Quinta da Vacaria, one of the oldest estates in the region (the first register dates back to 1616), is located on the Douro riverbank, at the heart of the oldest Demarcated Region in the world, the Douro wine region. On the estate’s dock, Rabelo boats would moor to load pipes full of Port wine and carry them to Gaia, at the river’s mouth, where they were shipped in bulk all over the world, leaving their hidden identity behind, since these wood barrels were not even marked with the producer’s seal. At its destination, the wine was bottled and labelled with the brand of the foreign traders who had purchased it, some of them gaining considerable prestige. Our goal was to create a packaging that embodies the “glamour" of this hidden past of 400 years of history travelling the world. Inspired by the the imagery of maps, compasses, rose winds, we created a powerful V (of Vacaria) surrounded by strong design features in complex detail, where the richness of the gold contrasts with the texture of the artisanal navy blue paper. The image created challenges the traditional port wine language, distinguishing itself powerfully on the shelf, currently making it the most outstanding port wine brand in the market. The collection of these 4 bottles is carried in a box inspired by an antique suitcase, clearly evoking this brand’s travelling spirit, which should not be forgotten.

Vega Awards Quinta da Vacaria Vega Awards Quinta da Vacaria Vega Awards Quinta da Vacaria


João R. Saúde
Concept, Strategic Process
Rita Rivotti
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