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The Good Doctor

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Christine Krus Design



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Seton Hall University


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The Good Doctor is a series of short plays, based on the works of Anton Chekhov. The plot revolves around a playwright who suffers from writer's block as he narrates several stories. My poster embodies characteristics of the Russian Constructivism movement. Russian Constructivism took an entirely new approach to making objects. It replaced the traditional notion of composition with construction as the most important element of design. Artwork was broken down to its most basic elements in hopes that the end result would be put into mass production. My strategy for The Good Doctor was to personify the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword". In a play where the writer struggles to finds his own voice, the idea of communication as the most effective tool, was integral to the success of my design. I intentionally made the hand bitmapped to symbolize mass production. The trail of ink, represented by the black, geometric shape, speaks to the journey on which the writer will take the audience while clearly unifying the 10 short stories. My design is innovative because of its subtleties. Its foundation is rooted in history, yet, its design is modern and appealing.

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Christine Krus
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