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Communication and the Arts Timeline Wall Graphic

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Christine Krus Design



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Seton Hall University


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When two disciplines unite to become a college, the results can be unpredictable. I was asked to design a mural to promote the union of Communication and the Arts. I created an organically-shaped timeline that shows pivotal times in history when communication and the arts came together to forever change the world. The timeline intentionally curves so, from a distance, its shape is open for interpretation. Many see it as a soundwave, representative of the Music major. Others see it as a strand of DNA, with each major of study being a rung on the ladder of success. Upon closer inspection, people read the plaques and learn more about the college, its majors and its impact on history. The timeline was designed with longevity and flexibility in mind. The plaques are velcroed to the wall and can change as the relationship between communication and the arts grows' making the timeline timeless. The mural has built pride within the faculty, staff and students in the college. It is located in the center of the bottom level of Fahy Hall, the hub of the College of Communication and the Arts.

Vega Awards Communication and the Arts Timeline Wall Graphic Vega Awards Communication and the Arts Timeline Wall Graphic Vega Awards Communication and the Arts Timeline Wall Graphic


Christine Krus
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