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The Brief The agency was briefed in May 2016 to create a truly interactive event experience that would create lasting social change in Saudi Arabia and the UK. Aimed at bringing young minds from both countries though an unique activity that will drive collaboration, creativity and technology. The event had to be marketed to 18-22 year in UK and KSA The Objectives - To create a unique experience event for the Misk Foundation and the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to showcase the partnership between the youth of Saudi and the UK - To great positive media coverage and make lasting change including creating new businesses ideas and creating real business opportunities for young people in the UK and Saudi Arabia - To genuinely provide opportunities for both young men and women in the UK and Saudi Arabia and to deliver innovative solutions that will change our world - To cultivate productive respectful partnerships with other philanthropic youth organisations and universities, internationally to help chance the global perceptions of young people in Saudi and also to help drive the Crown Prince's 2030 Vision - To create cross cultural innovative ideas that bring the youth of tomorrow together and to promote the aims, objectives and ambitions of the Misk foundation that create genuine legacies The Idea - The world's first live dual nation broadcast Hackathon taking place in London and Riyadh over 48 hours that will drive social change in both countries. - 400 people taking part, in two countries, but the teams must be mixed male and female, with half the team in London and half the team in Riyadh. 40 teams of 10 - Create a challenge for UK and KSA young people from 18 to 28 to come and create fresh thinking and ideas around the Internet of Medical Things. The event has to give people a chance to work in a collaborative way - with others in different countries to drive social change - A chance to win $35,000 of investment in to the winning idea. This is increased to $185,000, the team would have to be supported by leading engineers, business mentors, specialists, designers in both countries over the 48 hours - Create an expert panel of judges from UK and KSA to judge the top 3 winning ideas. Winners would be provided with mentoring and the chance to pitch to a team of investors 90 days after the event for real investment in their business idea, created a new KSA/UK business

Vega Awards Misk Live Dual Nation Hackathon Vega Awards Misk Live Dual Nation Hackathon Vega Awards Misk Live Dual Nation Hackathon


greg wixted
Executive Producer
Ali Alzabarah
Creative Director
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Erika Petkunaite
Kelly Rogers
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