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Toast was born in Aspen, CO with a mission to offer consumers a social and responsible option to enjoy Cannabis. Toast is an affordable luxury - similar to the positioning of Patron in the alcohol industry. In designing the Toast website, Creative Director Gabrielle Rein took inspiration from the golden age of the 1920's - with its glamorous jazz and swing parties and luxurious, old-fashioned cigarette cases. Toast is Cannabis re-imagined, it's all about luxury and indulgence. The website needed to embody lightheartedness, freedom and upscale glamour. The color palate is tastefully minimal - with royal purple and gold accents punctuating a black and white backdrop. Parallax effects are used in scrolling and expanding elements to create an appealing flow of content. The Toast "social butterfly" meant to symbolize the gentle, ethereal "touch" of the product - is used throughout the site in various forms. Bright, glittering, paper-like butterflies are seen clustered around images of the packaging; large, painterly butterflies in burnished gold float gently in the background. Viceroy organized and led creative direction for the custom photo shoot that produced the website's nightlife-inspired photography. These photos show young, energetic men and women enjoying Toast in a luxury cocktail party setting. The location and outfits are modern, elegant and in fitting with the color palate. Among the site's imagery are pictures of the luxury packaging and of snow-covered Aspen scenery as well as large-scale custom font created by outlines of wispy smoke. The "Toast Responsibly" page is fully dedicated to the infographic we designed to explain the proper use of Toast. The goal was to educate the consumer. Using a high-contrast, white-on-black design, the result is both visually compelling and unambiguous. The eye is led using a mix of bold font and playful, "sketched" graphics. The design captures important information while remaining approachable and easily-digestible.


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