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Sobha City Mall App

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Sweans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.



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Sobha City Mall


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Sobha City Mall is one of the biggest shopping malls in Kerala, India. They approached us requesting for a dynamic and vibrant mobile app for android and ios users. We had previously done their website and their requirements for the app was parallel to their website contents. We decided that we needed a dynamic website that was at the same time light on our phones, light in size and operation. Our app requires absolutely no processing and simply displays contents. The data remains accurate as it is a dynamic app. The app is colourful and vibrant and starts off with a 'What's happening' area that provides details regarding the latest events at the mall. The main categories in the app are Shopping, Dining and Entertainment. Each comes with a set of sub categories. The Shopping section lists down the various stores at the mall complete with details regarding offers, contact number and posters. The Dining section lists the wide range of restaurants at the mall. All updates are managed from the back end by two parties, the site admin and the store admin. Site admin controls all the general information where as the store admin takes care of the contents being displayed under their store. Each store can update their section, everything including pictures posted, offers, contact details and more. The updates can be done at once in the website and the same will reflect in the app. Thus reducing the effort of editing the app. It need not be frequently updated as it fetches data directly from the website. The app serves as a guide to any person visiting the mall. One can access all information and details about the mall prior to visiting it. An important feature of the app is that it sends push notifications to the subscribers. Thus information regarding offers and store launches can be easily reached to our customers. The Google Firebase Cloud Messaging service is utilised for this. Push notifications ensures a far greater reach than services like SMS or email. Overall the Sobha City Mall app is vibrant, user friendly and useful!

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