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In Spring 2016, we developed a video campaign for Fetzer, designed to appeal to the growing audience of wine-drinking Millennials and younger Gen X members. Our goal was to create an emotional connection using media platforms that have cultural significance with our audience and that would allow for more engaging brand storytelling. Our video concept relied on sound design to leverage Instagram and Facebook\'s \"tap for sound\" audio cue as a way to differentiate our content and encourage deeper engagement and full video views. Our series of 30-second video vignettes layered musical compositions of field recordings matched with visual moments from winemakers, tastemakers, and Net Positive authorities to emphasize the relationship between wine and the land it comes from. These vignettes were parlayed into a national digital advertising campaign; when combined with our social media exposure, these videos garnered over 2.5 million impressions, 988K video views, a combined $0.02 Cost Per Video View (nearly 10x lower than average) and 227K social actions, primarily from our desired audience of Millennials and younger Gen X members. This campaign helped bring awareness to Fetzer\'s regenerative business practices to tap into a market that makes informed purchases. Cheers!

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