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Verner Panton Panthella Mini

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Louis Poulsen


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When we were asked by Louis Poulsen to create a spot for a lamp designed by Verner Panton, we couldn't contain our excitement! We are big fans of Panton's style, so it was a great pleasure to work with one of his designs. The "Panetella Mini" lamp is a smaller version of the original Panthella lamp, launched in 1971. The Panthella Mini features a metal shade and comes in 11 delicious colours. The legendary Danish designer Verner Panton is known for his use of powerful colours, organic shapes and unconventional materials - designing everything from furniture to full art installations that looked, and probably felt, like an acid trip. Unsurprising, when you think that he completed a lot of his work in the 60's. As a starting point, we investigated Panton's aesthetic universe and commenced designing a tour de force of lamps, eye popping colours and abstract shapes, inspired by the man himself. We were also encouraged by Louis Poulsen to give it our own personal touch so we had the freedom to interpret the unique style of Verner Panton with a unique twist and establish a lighter, more contemporary tone. In the end, it was all about creating something warm, happy, alive, intelligent and playful - just like Panton himself. To create a setting for the lamps to shine (no pun intended) and allow the focus to remain on these beautifully designed objects.

Vega Awards Verner Panton Panthella Mini Vega Awards Verner Panton Panthella Mini Vega Awards Verner Panton Panthella Mini
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