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Devi [Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Film]

Entrant Company

CurleyStreet Media Pvt. Ltd.



Client Name

iPartner [UK]


Nonprofit / Religious

There are 18 million children enslaved in India, all of whom face some form of sexual exploitation. The need of the hour is to create awareness, initiate affirmative action and give people hope that though the problem is daunting – there is always light at end at the end of the tunnel. CurleyStreet Media partnered with U.K based charity iPartner to bring out stories of brave, strong and beautiful young girls from different parts of India, who went from being victims to survivors of child and sex trafficking. 'Devi' is about a bright-eyed young mother with a will of steel, who escaped years of sexual slavery and abuse to come out as a true survivor. The challenge before us was to create a film that did justice to her bravery, to her path to freedom and created awareness about the issue. Without ever compromising her identity or violating the intensely personal nature of the account. Our vision is for this film to reach out to those in need of assurance and assistance as well as to those with the power to enable. Together, we can free others like Devi, who are waiting for that one spark of hope that will help them fly.


Pavitra Chalam
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