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Who will you meet on the B- Music Man

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Corpus Christi RTA



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Corpus Christi RTA


TV Ad Campaign

What binds Corpus Christi, Texas together? What makes it great? Is it the beach the attractions? No, it's something much deeper; It's the people. They give Corpus Christi life, character and meaning. At the B we wanted to salute the early morning commuters, the mass-transit traveler, the highly caffeinated students making ends meet. The veterans who have served our country with distinction and deserve our respect. There are all sorts of characters that make this city tick. They ride to save money, to interact, to be part of this amazing city by the Bay. And our drivers make sure they get exactly where they need to be. They make sure appointments are made, and that residents and visitors alike get to our city's events exciting events like the Beach To Bay Relay and Texas Jazz Fest. Our goal was to increase rider share. To do this we needed to grow our audience. We looked at our audience base and decided that we would continue communicating to our loyal base but we would also expand our reach to Millennials. Millennials have become the sweet spot for public transportation. - More open minded about transportation - backbone of Uber and similar forms of transportation - They see themselves as adventurous and trend setters "Embrace digital platforms" so they would use CCRTA app to its fullest

Vega Awards Who will you meet on the B- Music Man Vega Awards Who will you meet on the B- Music Man Vega Awards Who will you meet on the B- Music Man


Marketing Director
Kelly Coughlin
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