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188 Days - Motion Title Sequence

Entrant Company

Vancouver Film School



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Nida Fatima


Student Animation

A man faces the mundane routines of daily life in the city, empowered by his desire to get more out of life he spontaneously quits his job to travel the world. The piece is inspired by "The Dolphin's Tooth", written by a very captivating author, adventurer and motivational speaker - Bruce Kirkby. I wanted the viewer to feel the stark contrast between the greys and blues of the office life and the vibrancy of the beauty and wonder you can find in the other corners of the earth. Scenes from Cambodia, the Himalayas & the North were all regions with extreme beauty that I was inspired by, so they became the focus of the landscape illustrations. They typography treatment was chose partly to fit the aesthetic visuals to the piece and partly to create a sense of mystery that the adventure convey's.

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