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Medusa Textilia

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Catherine LaBarre


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The front third of our space is an exhibition gallery dedicated to brand exhibitions, pop-up retail & food, launch parties, gallery space, photo and film shoots, private events and whatever collaborations come our way. We use our windows to convey both our brand and those that see the value in owning a pop-up space/exhibit for a short period of time in one of America's hottest small cities today: Portland, Maine. Medusa Textilia is an art installation made of all recycled bras, undergarments and other textiles by Canadian artist, Catherine Labarre. In the form of medusas (jellyfish), the recycled bras offer a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles which represents each woman's personality. Combined, these objects that were once worn by different women, are transformed to create one whole... one smack... one body... a society represented with diversity. Functional as well as a fashion object, the bra is a symbol of femininity, seduction, intimacy and a nurturing figure. This whimsical smack of jellyfish is meant to be an interactive experience for all ages and a reflection on our society. More than a hundred and fifty medusas have come to life, here at KINGSPOKE, in this fishbowl-like environment.

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