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Our task was to help Marvel’s Runaways become a must-see entertainment event by positioning it as a show for both Marvel fans and fans of teen dramas. Due to the innovative release strategy, the campaign also had to transition from the binge-able launch of three episodes into a weekly episodic release. Marvel’s Runaways is based on a popular comic series, so the first task was to introduce fans to the up-and-coming cast playing the beloved characters. To accomplish this, we combined custom cast content with footage from the series to highlight their genuine chemistry while diving into character backstory and teasing the upcoming drama. In the next phase of content, we delved deeper into the narrative of the series and explored the themes in relatable terms. There is a large internal struggle our heroes go through as they come to grips with the idea that their parents are evil that the campaign levered into common, universal themes of teen angst at a critical point in young adulthood. Lastly, we used key moments of drama from the series to pose important questions that left the audience desperate for the next episode. A large portion of the Marvel’s Runaways audience are heavy Snapchat users, and we created content catered specifically to their aesthetic. We drafted off recent learnings on the platform that cinemagraph formats can outperform video in terms of engagement metrics and awareness lift, and created thumb-stopping imagery that drove Snapchatters to swipe up for more. We designed filters that leveraged colloquial phrases and colorful graphics that met students in the moment and complemented their snaps, all while growing awareness for Marvel’s Runaways. We created the first Promoted Story on Snapchat, a brand new multi-snap ad product. Runaways ran the first week Snapchat debuted the product, and set a high bar for all branded creative to follow. For this, we leveraged custom content from cast that felt native to Snapchat, added elements such as doodles and emojis, and kept the pacing quick and energetic to match the natural content on the platform. The connected storyline drove Snapchatters to complete the whole sequence of snaps, and to swipe up into the trailer at the end. Marvel’s Runaways Snapchat content was the perfect marriage of "snappy" creative and content that was contextually relevant to the audience. The metrics for the Marvel’s Runaways Social Campaign were absolutely outstanding across all social channels. Fans loved the series, and the social campaign kept them engaged and provided a forum to talk about their love of the show. The Marvel’s Runaways campaign generated consistent double-digit engagement across Facebook and Instagram, with benchmark smashing averages on all platforms. Twitter 2.4% Engagement, beating the industry standard by 243% Facebook 19.6% Engagement, beating the industry standard by 569% Instagram 20.1% Engagement, beating the industry standard by 507%

Vega Awards Marvel's The Runaways Social Campaign Vega Awards Marvel's The Runaways Social Campaign Vega Awards Marvel's The Runaways Social Campaign
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