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Welder Moody Launch Video

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Welder Watch


Video Campaign

Stand out in the watch industry where the codes are strictly defined was our challenge. Our target audience is millennials. They are just different. The generation which is criticized the most almost by all previous generations. They defend themselves with mottos. They summarize the complicated feelings with emojis. Learn from Apps, shop through Instastory. Live in hashtag nation. Write business notes to their managers from WhatsApp. The people they trust the most is their Facebook list, not their family. Their constant mood can be summarized as seeking. Seeking for a more inspiring job, for a life coach, for an experience worth telling, for something to rent but not to own, for the right gang to hang out with, for the purpose of their existence. So as Welder. If Welder exists for one reason, it is seeking. Seeking for a new way of doing for new products and to dare to look different. We had a great product. We know whom we should be talking to. But we were searching how we should be doing it, because they don’t read newspapers, they rarely buy magazines. They really walk in the streets down their heads into their mobiles, so I’m even questioning the impact of outdoor ads. So conventional is out. There is only one way: Digital. Only through digital, we can conquer their world. How you say is usually more important than what you say. Matching our brand with the people was one of the key points of marketing strategy. Who should be wearing our watches. Who should be the face of our watches. We looked for different people from different backgrounds. Not necessarily influencers or bloggers. And the main criteria was not the number of followers. The number of their followers start from 3000 up to 15000. But they have a sense of fashion. We literally searched them on Instagram and it was for seeding purposes. Then we started looking for brand ambassadors. We named them: GANG. Matching people who define these times with their progressive personalities, with different moods.  WHAT IS GANG? We looked for people with creative minds from different types of ODDS. DJ’s, singers, actors, actresses, tattoo artists, tv presenters, authors.


Korhan Kurt
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