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Honduras Brewing Company


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Honduran craft beer brews national identity. Honduras loves their beer. It plays a fundamental role in the lives of their passionate and kind-hearted people. Each beer poured is a chance to converse and connect, and also to regret and forget. Beer is there in the memorable, mundane and mournful moments alike. Beer for Hondurans is a source of pride, as eager locals can share their favorite beer with a tourist or new friend. The country has for the most part been exposed to so-called "mainstream" beers only. The only beers the average person knew about were brands made in immense factories owned by big multinational companies. There is certainly no shortage of selection, but there was a shortage of specialty craft beer. Enter Honduras Brewing Company to fill that void. As one of the country's first quality craft breweries, not only did they set out to enter an already crowded market but also to turn these "mainstream" beer drinkers into craft beer devotees. In order to reach our consumers, we aimed to leverage the facet of national identity to connect with them. Honduras comes with an eventful history as well as a rich folklore, which we used as a launching point. Each one of our four beers was named inspired after something Hondurans know by heart: our national anthem. Our beers are: India Virgen, Ondas Bravías, Negro Plumaje and Heroica. Each one represents a verse that relates to a distinct period in the country's history. Events whom are forever paid homage in song and now are saluted in our craft beer. During the development process, we sought out to represent different verses of the Honduran national anthem with a twist of historical fiction, both as a form of praise and as a form of tribute to our very own history. Each beer is its own romanticized historical tale that features a unique bold illustration. Also, each one features a distinctive and cohesive color palette that makes it eye-catching and stands out in store and on shelves. MassDDB worked indomitably with Honduras Brewing Company in all aspects of their brand launch: from concept to shelves, and packaging to merchandising.

Vega Awards Honduras Brewing Company Branding Vega Awards Honduras Brewing Company Branding Vega Awards Honduras Brewing Company Branding


Analucia Mass
Creative Director
Frank Sandres
Creative Director
Harold Rodríguez
Art Director
Gerardo González
Jose Matheu
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