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THE IDEA In partnership with Lionsgate, we created the official My Little Pony: The Movie website. Our goal was to capture the vibrant, magical whimsy of the iconic brand while celebrating fans old and new. The site had to draw audiences to the big screen by representing the brand new, theatrical scope of the film, differentiating it from the hit television series. Right away fans are welcomed to the Pony’s world of Equestria with an innovative spinning splash page. Larger than life characters burst onto the screen while the user spins from one content slice to another. Fans are able to explore the exotic new locations of the film in the story section. As they read through the daring adventures, the surrounding map automatically traces the Ponys’ paths from Ponyville all the way down to the underwater kingdom of Seaquestria. As part of a three tier approach, we also developed a social aggregator destination, and full-featured character creator site that lets fans say “This is My Little Pony”. Not only can they customize the iconic body, hair, and accessories, but also create their own Cutie Mark symbol. A fun personality quiz then determines your Pony’s unique name. The site for My Little Pony: The Movie took the classic and well-loved visual style of the series and elevated it a theatrical level while giving fans a unique pony experience. The site retains its charming visual style on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Vega Awards My Little Pony Movie Official Site & Pony Maker Vega Awards My Little Pony Movie Official Site & Pony Maker Vega Awards My Little Pony Movie Official Site & Pony Maker
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