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Meant for the Road

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Haste Post-haste



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Westcan Bulk Transport


Online AD Campaign

“Don’t ask me though, you’re educated; I’m just a —driver.”

“Just a driver,” was a common theme amongst the employees interviewed for the Meant for the Road campaign with Westcan Bulk Transport. The lack of respect for this group not only exists outside the industry, but inside it as well. Society has developed a false, and negative perception of truck drivers– a stigma internalized by the drivers themselves.

Meant for the Road was launched not only as a recruitment campaign, but as an attempt to elevate the driving industry as a whole– presenting a more accurate portrayal of what it is to be a driver today.

Passion— ambition— skill— dedication— family.

The full video campaign was launched online across Facebook, Google Display, Instagram, YouTube, and a dedicated landing page. On YouTube alone, the video component received over 400,000 views.

Muse Digital Awards Meant for the Road Muse Digital Awards Meant for the Road Muse Digital Awards Meant for the Road Muse Digital Awards Meant for the Road Muse Digital Awards Meant for the Road


Executive Creative Director
Christian Dendy
Creative Director
Grant Currie
Art Director
Sara Ferguson
Creative Copywriter
Dale Bochon
Account Manager
Erika Navarra
Production Company
Back Road Productions
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