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Morris Animal Foundation


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Morris Animal Foundation



The Morris Animal Foundation logo must capture the breadth of work the Foundation funds, across many species, but the old logo was dated in design, color and open concept without borders which would get lost in larger collateral applications.

The new logo took its cue from the old to bring forward the Foundation's 70-year history, but infused with new life, color and pizzazz. Looking to the future, the new logo is a better fit with the forward-thinking research mission of the Foundation.

1. The shape of each animal was cleaned up and fluidity in lines addressed.
2. The updated elephant tail and addition of the bird on the elephant's trunk brought some personality.
3. The new font is clean, modern and sophisticated.
4. The animal design works well when paired with program names, and enabled us to get rid of sub-brands that detracted from the Foundation's core identity.
5. Placing the logo in a color box makes it pop on the page.

Muse Digital Awards Logo Rebrand Muse Digital Awards Logo Rebrand


VP of Marketing & Operations
Tiffany Grunert
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Nicole Maluso
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