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Oura Health


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Oura Health



The Oura ring is a piece of smart jewelry that analyzes sleep, recovery, activity levels and the physiological responses of the body. The key design elements of the Oura ring are usability and elegance. Together with the companion Oura app, it helps you to live life to the fullest, so that you feel well-rested after the night and energetic during the day. Oura required a differentiated brand, name and identity to set it apart from cheaper wearable products in a crowded market. Oura team and Proxy developed a premium brand focused on wellness and holistic, 360 degrees wellbeing. For the second generation Oura ring a new family of colours, inspired by natural earthy tones and the calmness of sleep was developed. The typography is quiet and reductive, projecting a feeling of simplicity and calm. From a phonetically and strategically differentiated name to a minimal, high end identity, Oura has achieved 2.5x higher average selling price compared to older wearable product brands. The brand has been holistically deployed across the app, website, packaging and marketing. Oura has users in over 100 countries, and several top universities, research organizations, sleep clinics, and companies are utilizing the data and insights Oura provides. Oura has three times better retention rate than other wearables in the market. Feedback from both users and professionals highlights that Oura is able to provide people with information that is useful, actionable and insightful. The end result is a unique combination of design, development and manufacturing expertise, fine tuned to serve the ultimate goal of helping people feel better and live healthy.

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Co-founder, CTO HW and Head of Design, Oura Health
Kari Kivelä
Co-founder, President & Chief Innovation Officer, Oura Health
Petteri Lahtela
Co-founder, Communications Manager, Oura Health
Virpi Tuomivaara
Founding Partner,
Aapo Bovellan
Senior Partner,
Gernot Preslmayer
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