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Volaris National Branding Campaign

Entrant Company

Robinson Creative Inc


Integrated Marketing

Client Name

Waypoint Residential LLC


Company Branding

Volaris is the new way of living life on the outskirts of the city. Complete with the latest innovation and all-inclusive amenities, these communities provide warm stylish residences. This is where millennials, families, professionals, and seniors want to be.

The approach is classically inspired with a look to the “now.” Inviting colors are combined with organic, relatable, simple textures and diagonal angles. Color palettes will evolve to include three optional schemes to meet the specific style of each community. Color blocks are utilized with distinctive angles that mirror the logo’s iconic “V.” Fonts are clean and progressive while images are fresh and appealing.

Life here is full without the expense of similar new communities. This is Life at First Sight™… Where residents embrace their new home and all its advantages.


• Create a national identity campaign for multiple apartment communities.
• Establish a new name in the multifamily industry.
• Coordinate a brand that easily translates into identity, signage, print, marketing and digital.


• Developing a strong name with multiple thousands of established apartment brands currently in the market.
• Remain within rigorous client budget restrictions on implementation.
• Create a design that relates to and is aesthetically pleasing to multiple regions across the country.


• Powerful overall theme moving into three exclusive color property combinations.
• “Life at First Sight” slogan quickly relates and encapsulates the product and lifestyle to the prospect.
• The new brand evolves effortlessly into a suburban garden-style community or a more urban setting.
• Coordinating with both onsite and corporate teams, the brand establishes effective materials and strategies; progressively impacting the market and results in a rapid lease-up.

Muse Digital Awards Volaris National Branding Campaign Muse Digital Awards Volaris National Branding Campaign Muse Digital Awards Volaris National Branding Campaign Muse Digital Awards Volaris National Branding Campaign Muse Digital Awards Volaris National Branding Campaign
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