Be a Muse. Let your creativity ooze.

Each year, MUSE selects ten amazing agencies who participated and won the most categories in the MUSE Creative Awards based on criteria set by the International Awards Associate (IAA). These ten agencies and companies are the epitome of creativity, strategy and expertise, where their unique understanding in brand insights allow them to think outside the box and into the realm of near perfection.

The curated list represents an influential mix of disciplines that flourishes under the spotlight – titans of the industry, traditional agencies, independent creative professionals, digital savants, PR and communications firms and storytellers. In a world filled with pockets of creativity, the best creatives will find their inner Muse and craft ideas filled with ingenuity and wisdom.

The final winners list will be announced alongside the Season 2 MUSE Creative Awards results announcement.

MUSE Top Agencies - Gravity Global
No. 1

United Kingdom

Gravity Global

Gravity Global is the world’s most awarded specialist B2B marketing consultancy offering full-service marketing communications including marketing and brand strategy, research and insight, and creative and execution. Working with brands on a global scale, Gravity Global is a brand-to-demand agency with a mission to transform with the power of marketing.

MUSE Top Agencies - Player One Trailers
No. 2

United States

Player One Trailers

Player One Trailers is a full-service creative agency dedicated to creating cutting-edge video game trailers, cinematics, live-action promos, and more, for game developers around the world.

MUSE Top Agencies - Leroy & Rose
No. 3

United States

Leroy & Rose

Leroy & Rose is a dynamic full service agency that thinks big and delivers bold and fearless 360 work.

Their process is collaborative, allowing passionate art directors, designers, writers, illustrators, directors, animators, editors, and artists of all kinds, the freedom to create unforgettable images and compelling stories.

MUSE Top Agencies - Infernozilla
No. 4

United States


At Infernozilla, they have international, talented, and “A” players with decades of combined experience who can outwork and outsmart anyone in the industry. Since 2016 operating out of Dallas, Texas, they have been serving indie games of all sizes from an army of one, to large studios of 100+ employees. Infernozilla has over 40 phenomenal games in their portfolio, including but not limited to free-to-play, co-op, FPS, strategy, puzzle, action/adventure, and VR games.

MUSE Top Agencies - Toaster Inc
No. 5

United States

Toaster Inc

Toaster has a deep understanding of digital and the interplay between creativity and technology, culture and relevance. Working in a unique agile model, they bring together strategy, creativity and tech, at speed. They strive to help their clients to create inclusive marketing that cuts through in a noisy and ever-changing world. Toaster's belief is that the world we live in can be made better by connecting people with useful, innovative and ethical products and services. Together with their clients Toaster has brought to life ground-breaking integrated digital campaigns that push the boundaries of the ever-evolving advertising industry.

MUSE Top Agencies - Metafission
No. 6

Hong Kong S.A.R., China


Metafission is a art-driven and web3 oriented tech-lab. They are determined to build a decentralised business experience for their clients and collectors, while keep exploring innovative and sustainable loyalty marketing solutions in web3 space. With their biggest passion for art & expertise in web3 development, Metafission strives to provide a strong economic community that bridges the real and virtual world, and maximize the power of creativity to contribute on art and culture creation.

MUSE Top Agencies - productionglue (A TAIT Company)
No. 7

United States

productionglue (A TAIT Company)

productionglue (A TAIT Company) is an award-winning experiential agency. Experts who weave story with craft to bring extraordinary things to life. For 16 years they've been collaborating with innovative global brands including Nike, the NBA, Visa, and Hulu creating some of the most talked about events and activations of our time. In 2016, they became part of The TAIT Group, leveraging TAIT’s global footprint and depth of technical expertise to produce out-of-this-world immersive activations, helping A-list celebrities, global CEOs, world leaders, and dignitaries shine from center stage.

MUSE Top Agencies - INDUSTRY
No. 8

United States


INDUSTRY is a global independent brand consultancy. They exist to impact people and shift culture with the power of creativity.

MUSE Top Agencies - Bassmat
No. 9

Saudi Arabia


Bassmat is an independent creative & digital agency who works with the most exciting brands in Saudi Arabia to deliver new era creative, in new media, for new audiences.

MUSE Top Agencies - Digital Brew
No. 10

United States

Digital Brew

Digital Brew is an Emmy award-winning Orlando video production company, specializing in animation and live action videos. The team is an eclectic bunch, gathering from all walks of life with one uniting passion: creating kick-ass videos.

No. 11



TATU CREATIVE STUDIOS is made up of a group of strategists, designers, producers and technology enthusiasts who share a passion for creating great ideas and translating them into engaging, intelligent and innovative experience.

MUSE Top Agencies - Action Media Production
No. 12

United Arab Emirates

Action Media Production

Action Media is an award-winning, independent marketing communications agency based in Twofour54, Abu Dhabi. Established in 2009, Action Media has one of the longest track records of outstanding creative campaign conceptualization, visualization and design in the UAE. Action Media has a particular focus on VFX motion pictures, which offers a chance to go beyond the ordinary, and strengthen marketing campaigns in a way no word or picture can.

MUSE Top Agencies - George P. Johnson Experience Marketing
No. 13

United States

George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

GPJ is the world's leading experience marketing agency. We create great ideas and bring them to life through integrated experiential programs that leverage digital, mobile and physical brand activations. Our worldwide office network enables leading brands to create and accelerate relationships with customers, employees, partners, media and other influencers. GPJ is part of Project Worldwide, the leading independent engagement marketing solutions network (www.project.com).

MUSE Top Agencies - Moving Bits pte ltd
No. 14


Moving Bits pte ltd

Moving Bits is a hybrid marketing agency comprising creative, production & post production teams with the singular purpose of creating marketing communications that inspire people to action. The company assists multi-national corporations' communications and marketing teams craft compelling, creative content to help their customers vicariously experience their products or services through short inspirational still and moving images with emotional storytelling. Hence, the name – Moving Bits.

MUSE Top Agencies - Mitosis
No. 15

United States


Mitosis creates compelling creative marketing solutions that generate customer demand, marketplace recognition and customer engagement.

MUSE Top Agencies - CURATOR Pictures
No. 16

United States

CURATOR Pictures

CURATOR Pictures is a female-led team cultivating equitable and inclusive spaces for diverse creatives and filmmakers. They meet audiences where they are, through shared perspectives and curated collaborations.

MUSE Top Agencies - Cognition Studio, Inc
No. 17

United States

Cognition Studio, Inc

Cognition is a strategy + visual communication firm for life sciences. They help organizations build trust and knowledge in new science, research, and medicines. Their expertise lies in creating accurate scientific storytelling, strong brands, and human-centered solutions to create value for emerging medical technology, research, and healthcare. Their centers of excellence are in biotechnology (biologics), venture capital (NewCos and GrowthCos), and global health (platforms, products & services).

MUSE Top Agencies - Pence Media Group
No. 18

United States

Pence Media Group

Pence Media Group is a group of experienced, talented, and creative women working collaboratively to meet and exceed your needs. As a digital and media consultancy, Pence Media Group works with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Pence Media Group was built on a firm foundation in creating real, working strategy for each and every client they serve. They provide creative solutions that go above and beyond what you thought you needed. In today’s world, flexibility is paramount, and PMG prides itself on the adaptability, expertise, and value they bring to their clients’ internal teams.

MUSE Top Agencies - VOXO
No. 19



MUSE Top Agencies - Zhiwen (Esther) Tang
No. 20

United States

Zhiwen (Esther) Tang

Zhiwen (Esther) Tang is an illustrator and designer based in New York, Jersey City, and Shenzhen. She is experienced in narrative and storytelling illustration for editorial, poster, graphic design, icon design, patterning and packaging.

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