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Like the mythic muses that inspired poets and painters throughout history, today's muses spark the great advertising campaign, the inspired tagline, the logo that becomes instantly recognizable all over the world.


Muse Creative Awards

Muse Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals who possess the unique ability to inspire with a concept, idea or design - whether through traditional materials or electronic media. More than paychecks drive creative people to perfect their craft, they follow the spark of an inner muse, lighting the path to success with deep knowledge and shining originality.

2019: Evolved Forward
The story of our shared humanity is one of constant evolution in a rapidly changing world. The Muse Creative Awards honors the power of concept and design that envisions a brilliant future – the creators who transform advertising and marketing in traditional and technically innovative ways. From graphic design to games, business owners to freelancers, photographers to videographers, web designers to mobile app developers, and from seasoned professionals to students, we thank you for the inspiring talent, hard work and vision it takes to make a better world. You are the Muses of the modern era, helping us all Evolve Forward

The Muse Awards competition offer participants a superb opportunity to showcase their talents among peers and receive feedback from industry experts. Winners receive long- deserved recognition as proof of their achievements through this highly prestigious award.

In line with our mission to recognize the inspiring achievements of design and advertising companies, and the creative professionals who are the lifeblood of the global marketing communications industry, competition entry is streamlined and affordable. Award certificates and internet medallions are free to winners, with the option of an elegant, custom-designed trophy as a lasting symbol of success and recognition.

Muse Creative Awards Offers:

  • Lifetime Recognition
  • Reputable Blind Judging
  • Affordable Entry Fees
  • Custom & Collectable Statuette
  • Never an "Acceptance Fees" for Winners
  • Awards announced 14 days after final submission deadline


Just as small business is the foundation of the global economy, it is also the heart and soul of local communities, providing services, help and sustenance to those less fortunate.

We value public service and social responsibility, and we both foster and honor the contributions of small agencies who work willingly with nonprofit and charitable organizations. The Muse Awards stand in great part for achievement and service within our industry.

Each year, the generous efforts of professional artists, writers, and designers are recognized through special recognition. Muse entrants are not charged entry fees for work they produce for Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

To be eligible for FREE entry, you must be the representative of the company in order to enter. Agencies, individual or freelancers may not represent the client's company to participate in this category, but may instead participate in the "Non Profit Organizations" category.


    We take joy in seeing the products we put in the market are nominated. Our clients appreciate this to. It is a testimony of accomplishment.

    ~ Vasile B Tiplea, CEO & Director of Product and design at Creative27, United States

    It's awesome this is my 2nd year in a row taking home a Muse Creative Award. What makes it extra special to me is both times I won it was for my work in virtual reality. Years ago when VR wasn't as popular many people told me VR is only for games and would never work for video so this award proved everyone wrong and shows with a little creativity and hard work anything can happen.

    ~ Jonathan Winbush, Founder and Artist at Winbush Immersive, United States

    Thanks a lot. It was a huge honor winning a Gold at the Muse Awards. It meant a lot to us, being the first Kenyan and African agency to WIN. This has given us a lot of mileage and to our client a strong belief and conviction in our creative work and process.

    ~ Zachary Ouma, Creative Director at Dragonfly Limited, Kenya


    Winning the Muse Creative Awards has validated the hard work and creativity that my team and I put into everything we do. It's easy for a small agency that often has to work with small budgets to get overlooked or buried by the PR machines of the big agencies. What's exciting about winning Muse Creative Awards is seeing great ideas get recognized regardless of whether our name is on the side of the building.

    ~ Daniel Brown, Executive Creative Director at True North Inc, United States

    It is a great honor and a really important step for us, especially as it is a big international award. An award like this gives us an opening to new clients, and it gives our clients more confidence in our abilities during the creative process and that enables us to deliver even better work -so it’s a win for us as well as our clients. We believe that we have valuable insight in effective storytelling as well as a high artistic level in our designs, and winning these two Muse Awards gives us a lot of confidence, and makes us make even better work in the future.

    ~ Esben Fisker, Designer & Managing Director & Co-Founder at Benny Box, Denmark

    We're proud of everything we do here. No project is complete unless that's true of it. But even we can't deny that it feels pretty good to be recognized for our hard work. Winning a 2018 Muse Creative Award is an honor--not because we feel we need to be awarded, but because we believe in the work we do. It's nice to know professionals outside our agency feel the same way as we do about the projects our talented designers are working on.

    ~ Brian Oster, Creative Director and President at OC Creative, United States


    This award is especially meaningful as it supports our Barnett team’s mission to “elevate the goodness” in the world, and further celebrates the incredibly inspiring and life-changing work of our client, Eliminate Poverty Now.

    ~ Debbie Barnett, Founder & Creative Director at Barnett Design, Inc, United States

    It is an enormous pride to be recognized once more by the Muse Creative Awards’ jury and, in this way, to keep showing across borders the best of Portuguese design. These awards are the result of our quality, excellence, irreverence and permanent dissatisfaction, which allow us to exceed the expectations of our customers with the highly differentiating solutions we built for each project.

    ~ Diogo Gama Rocha, General Manager at Omdesign, Portugal

    At 11 pm we found out about our creation winning gold! Even at such a late hour, we contacted our customer to congratulate on this landmark event. Gold in European competition is a reach award! This award for our team is a further proof that we go in the right direction, that design in Ukraine is worth of high international estimates.

    ~ Natali Zakashanska, Creative Director at Galagan Branding Agency, Ukraine


    We’re happy to be seen by the best and receive their recognition. We’re also about to move to a bigger office which we need to decorate, and the two Platinum Muse awards we won this year will look great there.

    ~ Marcel Vrieswijk, Founder & Managing Director at PlusOne, Netherlands

    We were thrilled to be recognized for our work on Mellow Mushroom’s website. This project was a full digital rebrand for the restaurant chain of 300. The client was wonderful in trusting our creative decisions on this project and winning this award really helped validate the trust the client had in us.

    ~ David Feldman, Creative Director at 3 Owl, Inc, United States

    Winning the 2018 Muse Creative Awards is a confirmation for our entire team that placing a great importance to interesting design, fluent and perfectly thought-out movement and showing history in an unconventional way, make sense and is appreciated by the viewers. We are very happy about it and we are planning on creating more and more projects like that!

    ~ Jacob Kurek, CEO / Executive Producer at BluBlu Studios, Poland


    This project was a true collaboration between myself and our creative team, alongside our print house Fast Proof Press. Receiving an award for this piece is a testament for me to how important collaboration is in the creative industries and what is possible when we support each other and work as one.

    ~ Claudio Kirac, Creative Director & Co-Founder at Art-Work Agency, Australia

    We believe that when you hold up a trophy, you hold aloft the aspirations of your teammates, the confidence, and trust of your clients and the dreams of the founders. That is why it gives us so much of joy and sense of achievement to be recognized and assures us that our efforts of providing nothing but the best to our clients are headed in the right direction.

    ~ Aman Roy, General Manager & Creative Director at Watermark Marketing Management, United Arab Emirates

    We could not be more thrilled to have been honored with two awards as esteemed as the Muse Creative Awards for the second year in a row. Our team has been consistently pushing the envelope and taking bigger creative risks this past year, and to be recognized by some of the greats in our industry is so rewarding. We look forward to challenging ourselves to up the ante even further for our clients and within our organization for next year’s competition.

    ~ Adam Binder, Founder at Creative Click Media, United States


    Awards are important, insofar as they validate our work in a way that is independent of client satisfaction—the most pragmatic of validations. Winning 2018 Muse Creative Awards tells us that we have gone beyond the expected and created something that is worthy of wider recognition. This is very gratifying.

    ~ Lester Lim, Creative Director at Creaxis Design, Singapore

    Thank you! Winning meant so much to me. It is lovely receiving some recognition and it makes me feel stronger to keep going.

    ~ Clim, Creative Director at Clim Studio, Spain

    It lends validation to our company most during sales pitches. Like when your prospect asks “what sets you apart…”. I get to say “in addition to our Emmys awards – we’ve now won five international website design awards, including two Muse Creative Awards”.

    ~ Chad Arentz, Owner & Creative Director at Jump Motion Design, United States


    Our team is not only extremely honored and humbled but also incredibly excited to have won three 2018 Muse Rose Gold Awards this year. I believe these awards are a true representation of our team’s creative talents, tireless dedication, innovation vision and our desire to have our work representation alongside our award-winning creative peers. It’s moments like this that propels our team to strive to work harder and push the creative boundaries even further on our upcoming projects. We look forward to submitting in 2019. THANK YOU for the opportunity Muse Creative Awards!

    ~ Mary Rego, Founder & CEO at The Brand Collective, United States

    To have a recognition of the effort that is put into our work has delighted our team, especially because we don’t work in sectors that would usually win awards.

    ~ Trisha Palmer, Technical Director at IKM Visual Solutions, United Kingdom

    We set out to create impactful brand experiences and we're dedicated to delivering a higher creative standard, and it's amazing when our efforts are recognized and most importantly lead to our client's brand recognition and success. It's all in the experience. helium creative looks forwards to creating more Muse Creative Award-winning work and love's how Muse features each project on it's own mini-portfolio page. What a great asset to share with clients!

    ~ Christopher Heller, President + Creative Director at helium creative, United States



Sleek, limited edition statuettes to signify your crowning achievement

The Winner of the All Design of the Year Award will receive the coveted Muse trophy and be highlighted on the main page of the Muse website and published in all our social media platforms throughout the coming year.

The 2019 Special Edition Muse Awards statuette is exclusively and individually crafted to perfection, honoring all winners who missed the chance to collect the previous edition. We drew inspiration for the figure from the muses of mythology, and its architecturally-inspired crown symbolizes the apex of design achievement.

The evolved Muse statuette is crowned to signify great achievement, glory and victory - a truly special piece available exclusively for 2019 Muse Awards winners.



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