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The Oreo Doomsday Vault

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Mondelez International, Inc. (OREO)


Packaging / Product

On top of everything that has happened in 2020, NASA has reported that Asteroid 2018VP1 is headed toward Earth’s atmosphere on November 2. “I wonder who will save the Oreos,” tweeted a concerned citizen.

Although there’s virtually no chance (0.41% to be exact) of it threatening our beloved cookie when it passes by, OREO isn’t risking a future without the world’s favorite cookie...

It was our civic duty to take the potential threat seriously, working day and night to protect the future of OREO Cookies for civilization. But how? By building an asteroid-proof vault in Svalbard, Norway, filling it with a stockpile of OREO Cookies, our secret recipe, and documenting the entire journey.

We overhauled OREO’s Instagram and Twitter for five days, masterfully dropping playful teasers about our plan to save the OREO Cookies. Upon sharing that OREO had a plan in the works, fans responded with feelings of relief and gratitude that followed our very serious tone… and anticipation for what was to come.

To further drive campaign engagement, we gave fans a peek into the vault with special OREO packs wrapped in protective casing, accompanied with powdered milk. Fans went wild for them, asking how they could get their hands on a pack and requesting OREO make them for real.


Marketing Director, Equity / OREO
Marion Saenen
Senior Director / OREO
Justin Parnell
VP of Social & Influencer Marketing / 360i
Kristin Maverick
Head of Graphics Studio / 360i
John Kinsella
Senior Producer / 360i
Adrienne Darnell
Head of Integrated Production / 360i
Carissa Ranelycke
Copywriter, Social Creative Lab / 360i
Sage Lucero
Copywriter, Social Creative Lab / 360i
Daniel Freeda
Art Director, Social Creative Lab / 360i
Leigh Stolarz
Group Director, Social Creative Lab / 360i
Peter Wood
Senior Designer / 360i
Sophia Del Plato
Design Director / 360i
Brian Gartside
Chief Creative Officer / 360i
Menno Kluin
Chief Creative Officer, NY / The Community
Frank Cartagena
Founder & Chief Creative Officer / The Community
Jose Molla
Founder & Chief Creative Officer / The Community
Joaquin Molla
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