Panasonic launches the Lumix G100 Camera

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Video content is exploding, with more than 300 hours of content being uploaded to YouTube every minute. The advertising campaign that we launched for Panasonic’s new LUMIX G100 showed that anyone can be part of this thriving scene and create amazing content – with the right equipment. The Panasonic LUMIX G100 camera is lightweight and compact - specifically targeted at vloggers and people making video content at home or on the go. With this audience at the forefront of mind, we created a series of ads, designed and developed a landing page and launched a media campaign, which all tied together to put this target group directly in the spotlight. Video content production is booming right now and we really wanted to reflect this with a vibrant, high-energy campaign. This camera is all about the creative types who can use it and make the most of all of its amazing features, so our approach was to put the vlogger and the camera as fulcrums of focus throughout the ad, intertwining and dancing around each other. We also created a second advert which placed the actual product as the key focus of the shot, and took a slightly different approach - highlighting the camera’s key features, whilst maintaining the high energy and enticing appeal of the first ad. The campaign, was launched in September, and is set to the sound of Lady Bri and uses the tagline 'Your story. Share it.' to highlight that this is a camera designed for content creators looking for ways to share their own point of view. At the core of the campaign was a desire to demonstrate that the LUMIX G100 is easy to use and offers vloggers the opportunity to experience a huge amount of on-the-go flexibility and creativity, while still delivering high quality, professional audio and visuals. We wanted to create energy and movement while integrating the features of the camera seamlessly into the mix. The result is pieces that excite and inform with the aim of enticing our audience, the content creators.


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Mitch Loveday
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Owen Kane
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Amelia Morgan
Media Director
Angie Gannon
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Chris Parker
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