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National Association of REALTORS


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For National Association of REALTORS®, giving back is part of who they are. They are constantly creating good news – whether that’s helping someone find the home of their dreams, uplifting a single neighbor, or helping out an entire community. Creating good news, and spreading joy, is part of the fabric of every REALTORS’® life. The campaign Good News is NAR's way to celebrate each act of kindness, a campaign created to honor those who give back to their communities and encourage members to log their volunteer hours. The campaign's purpose was to show the kindest side of REALTORS®, going above and beyond selling properties. They are community leaders and change agents that genuinely care about helping their neighbors in need. To Support the campaign different initiatives were launched such as a monthly sweepstakes and REALTORs are Good Neighbors Volunteer Days. The campaign saw 76,678 volunteer hours logged, more than 13,000 page views and 7,900 unique visitors on the REALTORS are Good Neighbors landing page,


Chief Marketing and Communicatios Officer
Victoria Gillespie
Vice President, Creative and Content Strategy
Susan Welter
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Project Manager
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Multimedia Designer
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Marketing Manager
Bernelly Gamboa
Marketing Director
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Fran Donovan
Creative Director
Lish Emphraim
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