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Energizer Australia



Awaken were briefed to develop some quick 15 second creatives for use on TV, online on social, and a series of four further six second stings for their Rechargeable Vision Ultra Headlamp Range. The focus of these ads was to highlight some key features and benefits of the product, and show the headlamps being used in multiple situations; from DIY and camping to general at-home use. The core objective of the ads was to drive consideration and increase purchase intent. With the key tag line of ‘they’re ready when you’re not’; the resulting ads have two different target focuses. The first was for the general consumer and follows a family’s experience on their camping holiday, with the tent pegs needing to be reattached on a windy night, and a toy being lost on a family hike, with the dad needing to return to find it in the dark. The second focussing on the dad back home, with more of a DIY angle. Initially, we see him under the kitchen sink mending a leaking pipe, and afterwards manning the BBQ with his family chasing each other around with headlights on in the background. In both ads, the family are faced with situations where either things have gone wrong or they are undertaking daily activities where they have benefitted from using the headlamps and keeping their hands free.


Creative Director
Owen Kane
Film Director
Mitch Loveday
Media Director
Angie Gannon
Account Manager
Carmen Hubble
Creative Strategist
Amelia Morgan
General Manager
Veronica Gutierrez
CEO / Awaken
Chris Parker
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