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Zeisberg Lab, Göttingen University Medical Center



Zeisberg Lab is a laboratory performing medical research within the Göttingen University Medical Center, Germany. In response to the global pandemic, Zeisberg Lab shifted its focus on finding solutions against COVID-19. The Zeisberg Lab medical team were introducing an innovative technology to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and they wanted to present it to potential investors for their next research phases’ funding. In collaboration with Zeisberg Lab, Blue Hat handled the project through phases. First, mapping out a script in simplified terms to adapt to an audience that might not be well-versed in medical terminology. After that, we created storyboards with designed graphic elements to be animated. Finally, we synchronized everything with the subtitles, and conducted a session where we had a scientific validation of the graphics. As design follows function, all the graphic elements in the video serve a certain purpose, not just for aesthetics. The topography was chosen to exhibit technical terms clearly and make the abstract more understandable. The color palette was related to human anatomy, and also included color coding to explain different notions, i.e. different variants of COVID, RNAs. For the audio, we adopted a scientific and factual tone of voice and script. The VO conveys assertion while still being explanatory. The rhythm of the song is purposeful because it starts with a certain tempo, then changes into a positive note when we introduce the solution, while keeping the scientific aspect present. The main solved challenge in this project was that we were able to depict scientific complexity with aesthetic simplicity, using design. With Zeisberg Lab, Blue Hat managed to simplify even the most technical terms to individuals with non-scientific backgrounds. Through this animated video, Blue Hat created a design that conveyed sensitive yet digestible information, clearly and accurately. Zeisberg Lab presented the final animation to investors through two applications and secured a funding of 1,500,000€. For the next phases, it will undergo a third application. *The technology’s name has now been changed from Tarvigen to TheraCov.


Innovation Director, Co-Founder
Judy Maamari
Managing Director, Co-Founder
Sami Hmaidan
Sabine Maamari
Prof Dr. me
Elisabeth Zeisberg
Ahmad Shami
Brand and Communication Strategist
Yara Jaber
Innovation Strategist
Elif Taş
Head of Design
Hayat Sheikh
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