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Blue Orchid Advertising Agency


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Kalik Radler (Commonwealth Brewery for Heineken International)


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In a world where every beer claims to be the Most Refreshing, how do you stand out from the crowd? You take it to the next level. With summer power outages enraging social media in The Bahamas, we found a way to leverage the heat. We positioned Kalik Radler - a combo of Kalik beer and natural fruit juices - as So Refreshing that it was putting Air Conditioning workers out of a job. We kicked off the campaign with "leaked" witness footage of the ACWA (Air Conditioning Workers Association) strike outside the Commonwealth Brewery offices, which peaked interest on local social channels, followed by a national news report, before revealing the AC strike as a "Refreshing" spoof. We followed up with an equally-refreshing temperature-based sales promo to reward thirsty followers when temperatures soared over 90 degrees. Despite a limited budget, our "social media stunt" reached 87% of The Bahamas' drinking population and engaged 34%. It resulted in a 35% increase in sales volume during the campaign period, and a 45% increase in sales volume year-over-year. Importantly, the So Refreshing campaign gelled with a target audience of Bahamian Millenials and Generation Z. According to our market research, this savvy generation was crying out for Bahamian brands to step out of their comfort zone and produce 'refreshing Bahamian content' that would stand out in an increasingly-globalised world.


Creative Director | Blue Orchid
David WJ Lee
Art Director & Producer | Blue Orchid
Valentino Lloyd
Lead Designer | Blue Orchid
Ryan Lewis
Lead Video Editor | Blue Orchid
Justin Williamson
Cinematographer | Blue Orchid
Julian Wallace
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