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George A. Rauscher | intelligent piXel



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George A. Rauscher | intelligent piXel


People / Portrait

George A. Rauscher belongs among the few international photographers who conduct themselves well in front of the camera. To practice the art of photography, not only must your heart be in it, but but you must be knowledgeable and trained, it requires the know-how from both situations, both before the pose and hidden behind the camera. The work of George A. Rauscher is multifaceted, his main interest is superficially directly at the area of model and nude photography, but also changes depending on the respective projects he is tackling. The photographer uses his eyes as his camera on the world and people to capture moments and make expressive images of his view of things. With passion and talent, he is dedicated to photography and the possibilities of capturing the aesthetic of the people, using the camera. The topics are varied and artistic, playful and serious, critical and aesthetic. The attention to detail created in this manner are masterful recordings, in which each message is especially well communicated as an eye catcher and every model is expertly staged.