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We were briefed to come up with an extraordinary idea for the launch of the new breakthrough Multiple Myeloma product. It was very important to underline the oral treatment, which is the innovation of this product and telling how the product and the treatment process have changed patients’ lives for the better.

We took the liberty of going beyond the ordinary and were brave enough to have a launch of a product without actually showing the product itself. We looked at the patients' journeys not only from the laboratory results and imaging reports but also more importantly, from a different place where we were inspired by their fears, hopes, concerns and dreams...

And so, we shot a documentary-like movie, where we told the challenging journey of Multiple Myeloma patients and the things they go through during their diagnosis and treatment process. While telling our story, we were inspired by Kubler-Ross Method: “5 Stages of Grief.” In this way, we provided a different perspective for the physicians to increase their empathy towards patients. We have executed this step-by-step journey primarily by having an internal launch. We have placed objects belonging to film characters inside our company building and started a teasing campaign, where the film characters personally invited the guests to the gala of the movie.

Our gala took place in one of the most prestigious movie theaters in Istanbul for the screening of our launch film.After the movie, we organized a mini panel with our screenwriter, director and consultant physician to evaluate the journey from different perspectives. According to the results of the survey which is done after the product launch; we saw that the knowledge level of Multiple Myeloma disease and the treatment has increased by 90%. The first step of our launch campaign may be over with great success but our journey of changing lives for better is just beginning.


Founder & Director / Ajans Digital
Ozge Gunes
Creative Director / Ajans Digital
Karen Levent
Art Director / Ajans Digital
Ozlem Bozkurt
Art Director / Ajans Digital
Ismail Berkel
Medical Director / Ajans Digital
Ozlem Er
Creative Team / Ajans Digital
Can Arabacilar
Director of Customer Relations / Ajans Digital
Cansu Ustundag Cakici
Brand Executive / Ajans Digital
Nil Kulakoglu Oktem
Tevfik Baser
Director / Peri Film
Baris Kaya
Consultant Physician
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Ozcan
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