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<> This educational animation is based on raising awareness of diabetic foot ulcers, and the risks associated with them if not given due care. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was creatively executed remotely and completed for a budget under £10k. ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ plays on the familiarity the audience feels when hearing this song from their childhood, but provides a stark contrast to the sincerity of the message, evoking a deep and powerful impact. The animation features a diabetic patient alone in his living room, reflecting on his past as he looks at various images of himself and his grandchildren playing. Noticeable in the first image, he has only a small wound on his left foot; whilst in the second, his condition has deteriorated, and he is wearing a foot brace. Reflecting on his past is emotional, which is shown through a single tear rolling down his face. Hard-hitting statistics are displayed throughout to strengthen the story and reinforce the problem people with DFUs are facing, building up to a profound and emotional climax towards the end of the animation. This thought-provoking piece aims to inspire district nurses, general practitioners, pharmacists, and other HCPs to take diabetic foot ulcers more seriously, prompting them to always check for early signs, preventing their progression into complications. The video ends with the powerful message – ‘Keep your patients whole’.


Brand Lead / Molnlycke
Toby Cobbledick
3D Generalist / Get Animated Medical
Joao Jacinto
Animation Director / Get Animated Medical
Claudio Sa
Creative Director / Get Animated Medical
Christopher Kennedy
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