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The Staycation That Saved a Nation - Break Free Campaign

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In September 2019, Saudi Arabia opened its borders to the world, by launching a tourist visa for the first time in its history. Marking the beginning of a new era in the country’s flourishing tourism sector by welcoming 17 million visitors from 49 countries. However, the country barely kicked off its ambitions, only to be shocked by a paralyzing pandemic. The outbreak left a tremendous devastation on the tourism industry, suffering local businesses, decrease in job opportunities and an increase in depression among the people of Saudi.

The situation created a negative impact on quality of life as well as the economy. The challenge was to create both societal and economic relief, by saving an industry, reviving businesses and reversing depression in people, without compromising on safety and health.

Saudi residents are torn between prudence and desire to travel. They would like to travel abroad, yet they would not feel comfortable doing so at the time even if they could. They express their gratitude towards safety measures, yet people are also getting depressed and anxious from lockdown but would travel under safe measures. Finally, almost all Saudis are curious about exploring their own country, especially that they have never heard of, or seen the places being promoted.

The idea:
We shared a simple but bold Call to Action to “Break Free”: An invitation to take a breath of fresh air. A call to explore the beauty of their own country away from the congested cities. All communication was labelled with a “Travel Responsibly” seal endorsed and approved by the country’s ministry of health, providing the much needed freedom and confidence for all to exhale.

A campaign that would shift the current mind-set of society. The initiative takes into consideration that isolation was taking a toll on people just as much as the economy. The call to “Break Free” through an integrated campaign provided much needed jobs, revived an industry, saved local businesses and reduced that claustrophobic world we almost got used to.


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