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The Oreo Doomsday Vault

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The Community & 360i


Outdoor Advertising

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Mondelez International, Inc. (OREO)


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In the midst of an intensifying pandemic, nationwide protests and the craziest presidential election of our lives, the world’s most playful cookie decided to give the world some much-needed relief.

So when a fan alerted us that, on top of everything else happening, an asteroid was coming towards the Earth and could destroy OREOs (along with the world), we couldn’t take any chances.

Inspired by the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway, we ventured up to the Arctic Circle and built a real apocalypse-proof vault to safeguard OREOs for all eternity.

Since people couldn’t travel, or be outdoors, we had to bring our outdoor stunt online. So we released a long-form film that followed the OREO Doomsday Vault’s design and construction process. And in the days leading up to Election Day, we pushed out an additional 40 pieces of content on social media, including teasers, limited edition packs designed to survive the apocalypse, and six ‘behind the scenes’ videos.

We turned a single fan tweet into:
415+ earned media placements (during Election wWeek)
100+ million impressions (more than a Super Bowl spot)
20+ major brands asking to join our vault
286% ROI
And one concrete vault in the aArctic cCircle, built to withstand all future asteroids.

And while the asteroid may have missed us, humanity can rest easy knowing that even if the world ends, OREOs will be here forever.


Head of Integrated Production, 360i
Carissa Ranelycke
Copywriter, Social Creative Lab, 360i
Daniel Freeda
Art Director, Social Creative Lab, 360i
Leigh Stolarz
Group Director, Social Creative Lab, 360i
Peter Wood
Senior Designer, 360i
Sophia Del Plato
Design Director, 360i
Brian Gartside
Chief Creative Officer, 360i
Menno Kluin
Associate Creative Director, The Community
Aaron Willard
Associate Creative Director, The Community
Federico Diaz
Executive Creative Director, Writer, The Community
Ian Reichenthal
VP, Executive Creative Director, The Community
Ramiro Raposo
Chief Creative Officer, NY, The Community
Frank Cartagena
Founder & Chief Creative Officer, The Community
Jose Molla
Founder & Chief Creative Officer, The Community
Joaquin Molla
Marketing Director, Equity, OREO
Marion Saenen
Senior Director, OREO
Justin Parnell
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