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Proxima Clinical Research launched in November 2017 as a next-generation contract research organization (CRO). Its purpose is to provide regulatory affairs and clinical services, with speed and agility, to inventors of all sizes, to bring new medical device and drug ideas from concept to market, quickly.

From the start, we recognized our clients as the superheroes of medical advancement, enhancing the safety, longevity, and quality of life for people battling diseases and conditions.

We designed our branding around this superhero concept, positioning our unique identity within the CRO space. Our swift, impeccable ability to serve emerging companies with a full scope of services and resources to get them to market quickly, makes us the superhero to the superheroes.

Proxi and Mini Proxi were born, summer 2021.

The strategy:

Putting superheroes at the forefront of our brand association, with emphasis on a colorful, dynamic vibe, we were cautious to keep a finger on the pulse of the modern comic book selection. Through a series of internal workshops, the company’s flagship character, Proxi, was born. A super heroic all-star with a heart set on service and a mind matched for the med-tech industry. She had to be:

• Modern

• Approachable

• Trustworthy

• Agile

• Progressive

• An Activist

• Strong

• Powerful / Confident

• Superhero, not a costume

• Relatable

• Not too aggressive, overpowering, or polarizing

• Authentic

• Aspiring, not too young

Proxima CRO Creative Director Devin Finch provided the artwork. Through teamwork and collaboration with our creative agency, Aleberry Creative, Proxi and Mini Proxi emerged in full display on homepage, marketing materials, and social media.

Mini Proxi is a small, but mighty counterpart character inspired by Yuru-chara, the Japanese term for mascot characters and their history emphasizing cute, expressive brand embodiments. Mini Proxi has become the face of Proxima CRO social media and pinpoint ideas, while Proxi represents the brand on a grander scale. As Proxi greets you with a POW! on the website homepage, her face says it all, “She’s strong on my behalf!”


Creative Director, Proxima Clinical Research
Devin Finch
Director, Regulatory Affairs, Proxima Clinical Research
Isabella Schmitt, RAC
Marketing Strategist, Proxima Clinical Research
Liz Abide
CoFounder, Aleberry Creative
Gira Wieczorek
CoFounder and CEO, Proxima Clinical Research
Kevin Coker, JD, MPH, MS
Proxima Clinical Research
Alisa Hamilton
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