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In a changing world, Mphasis launched the ‘Engineering is in our DNA’ campaign to reflect its continued commitment to bridge the gap between technology and business. The campaign demonstrated how Mphasis was integrating design and architecture to drive a range of next-generation tech solutions and services. At a time when every enterprise had to become a digital business overnight, it showed how Mphasis was applying engineering principles to transform businesses and solve problems in the new reality of digital ecosystems for today, tomorrow, and the day after. Mphasis engaged Gutenberg, an integrated marketing communications firm, to visualize their strategy of domain transformation through technology to showcase Mphasis' offerings. Gutenberg used short-format videos to promote the campaign and reach a larger audience based on viewership preferences. The three-phase campaign involved promoting ‘Engineering is in our DNA’ via extensive advertising on both social and traditional media platforms. This campaign was also promoted within relevant tech, news, and business websites. The campaign went live on LinkedIn, with a focus on top executives in the BFSI, aviation, and logistics industries. We also employed demographic and interest-based targeting on other social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Outbrain. The websites of Payments Source, Financial Planning, American Banker, and Digital Insurance were also used to launch the campaign. Gutenberg helped Mphasis use a highly unique design feature to display its brand strategy for the future, to stay ahead of its competition. It reflects how Mphasis brings the 'T' back into IT, where the 'T' stands for both technology and transformation. The branding brings powerful digital technologies to life in a way that is both approachable and participatory. It may be difficult to convey, but by using next-generation design, the enormous benefits of the engineering mindset can be captured in a single image. This technical approach allows Mphasis to stay ahead by constantly innovating. The three-phase promotion strategy was highly successful as within a year of launching this campaign, Mphasis had generated 35 million impressions and 293K clicks, followed by a 2.5X increase in website page visits.


Global Chief Marketing Officer |Head Sales APAC, Mphasis
Veda Iyer
Senior Director Marketing, Gutenberg Communications
Rakschit Bhardwaj
VP Marketing Services, Mphasis
Anita Singh
VP - Content, Gutenberg Communications
Christina Daniels
AVP and Marketing Lead, Mphasis
Vasanthi LR
Manager Digital Marketing, Mphasis
Vijaya Dharithri
Senior Copywriter – Digital, Gutenberg Communications
Rahi Bhattacharya
Assistant Art Director, Gutenberg Communications
Zubair Nisar
Senior Manager - Content, Gutenberg Communications
Madhabi Chakrawarty
Senior Account Manager- Digital, Gutenberg Communications
Apoorva Purushothaman
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