International Talent Show - Skillz Vault

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ESE Entertainment / Next Level Agency / VYRAL / Grasp Agency


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Bitcoin Vault


Financial Services

How to win Cryptocurrency in international digital Talent Show? Meet Skillz Vault. We all saw and know how to make happy video ads, where people finally make their dreams come true thanks to an injection of cash. We did it differently, creating a project where people had a chance to get actual money and make their dreams come true, instead of looking at others doing that. What did it promote and what does it have to do with new-tech finance? We built awareness of the product in the background; more and more games are being sold online, and a part of society still does not use digital payments, not least because of cybersecurity threats. We wanted to highlight technologies for secure digital payments. We also created our own community of gamers and gave them the opportunity to get to know gaming celebrities. We made dedicated NFTs because that is what players need and like to have, and we just know that. In short, SkillzVault could be described as the biggest and most innovative esports Talent Show in Asia and South America at the same time. .


Head of Strategy (project lead & campaign idea) ESE Entertainment
Michał Mango
Director of EU Operations (project lead & campaign idea) ESE Entertainment
Jędrzej Stęszewski
Junior Marketing Specialist (project lead & campaign idea) ESE Entertainment
Maciej Korczak
Managing Director (social media campaigns) Next Level Agency
Maciej Boroń
Junior Project Specialist (social media campaigns) Next Level Agency
Michał Wędrychowski
CEO (content producer & influencer coordination) VYRAL
Daniel Piątek
Content Director (content producer & influencer coordination) VYRAL
Mateusz Ogonowski
Head of Events (content producer & influencer coordination) VYRAL
Vasyl Gevko
Managing Director (display and video campaigns) Grasp Agency
Piotr Kubacki
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