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“You Make It You” Social Campaign

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The Aaron’s Company (Aaron’s) was seeking an opportunity to shift brand perception through social media and needed compelling content to engage an audience on platforms where the creative stakes were getting higher and higher. The primary goals of the campaign were: Increase positive brand sentiment Increase engagement with audiences across Facebook and Instagram Present Aaron’s brand as inspirational and stylish and test believability with the audience that the brand was a player in home style and decorating Develop a social media toolkit (with content) to help the brand activate the campaign and fill a content deficit Together, we developed the social campaign — “We’ll make it yours. You make it you.” A campaign grounded in Aaron’s promise to make it possible for anyone (without traditional means to aspire) to have comfort, function, and style in their home. It starts with a look... one that invites you to reimagine your own space. “You Make It You” is a buzz-builder and a perception-changer. It turns the conversation toward design inspiration - and attainment. Tapping into a range of style profiles, four different mood boards come alive – a new one every few days – transforming into corners of rooms built around Aaron’s products. The four corners are designed with emerging design trends in mind with rich color palettes and bold visuals. Corners were made for the Cozy Dreamers, the Gamers, the Plant Parents, and the Chic Wine’rs. To enable our client to execute easily, we created a complete social toolkit with graphics, copy, and style guidelines to support the campaign. The first phase of the campaign ran from late December 2021 into February 2022, with paid posts beginning in early January 2022. Aaron’s saw benchmark-busting results including: Facebook, positive sentiment grew 16.7% and engagement rate grew 157% Engagement rate on Instagram increased by 3,029% Most importantly, Aaron’s proved a position for themselves as a believable player in the home decor space. What’s more, Aaron’s received positive comments such as, “I didn’t know Aaron’s had this!”, which alone, speaks volumes to the impact this single campaign had in changing audience perception.


Senior Project Manager / Launch
Beth Haggerty
Head of Client Relations / Launch
Paul Carpenter
Executive Director of Brand Strategy / Launch
Shannon Delaney
Marketing Coordinator / Launch
Sophia Sbiti
Senior Writer / Launch
Holly Welling
Executive Creative Director / Launch
Lynn Pulsifer
Video Production Lead / Launch
Kelly Strawinski
Associate Creative Director / Launch
Cate Kennedy
Digital Marketing Specialist / The Aaron’s Company
Cindy Cheng
Sr Manager, Social Media / The Aaron's Company
Taylor Sterritt
Sr Manager, Digital Marketing & Campaigns / The Aaron’s Company
Kathryn Osbon
VP of E-commerce & Digital Marketing / The Aaron’s Company
Kaylin Durham
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