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Telekom is the industry leader network provider in Hungary. As the biggest actor in the sector Telekom has a special responsibility towards society and people. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Telekom knew they have to act, and have to act fast. Hungary quickly went into lockdown, and people had only one lifeline to stay connected to the world: internet. Young people soon realized, that there's another pandemic sweeping through among millennials: boredom. So Telekom decided to act in their duty as a leader and provide youngsters with something that makes the lockdown a little easier. To ensure that the idea would resonate with the target audience, we had to combine the 3 things they love the most: music, social media and challenges on social media. We teamed up with one of the iconic young rock bands in Hungary to create the biggest musical collaboration of the year. During a pandemic. During lockdown. How did it come about? The rock band Ivan & The Parazol was in the middle of recording their new studio album and their new song "Fejezd be" (Finish it) was just before release. So there is a band in need of a music video for their new track, there's a millennial in need of something to do at home, and there's Telekom, who has the responsibility to provide, as the industry leader. We just had to put the tiles together. We created a challenge called "Fejezd be otthon" (Finish it at home) and invited people to record themselves lip syncing, or doing anything they feel like at home to the new Ivan & The Parazol song. People were using the #FejezdBeOtthon tag and in just one month, the new music video was created for the band, with the help of locked up youngsters. So when their grandkids ask them "What did you do during the pandemic?" they can answer "I starred in a music video."


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