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Manulife Journeys: Cheecho's Journey

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Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Manulife were looking to create a new visual storytelling series that would help them create a unique platform that would enable the sharing of engaging real stories from individuals from all levels of the organisation around Asia and eventually the world.

Collaborating with the creatives at APV, they created a new on going content series called: Manulife Journeys.

The series would not only celebrate the life experiences of individuals within the business through emotional video stories that shared their journey up to and while working at Manulife, but it would also demonstrate the emotional intelligence, resilience and complexity of the brand itself.

By understanding the people within Manulife and their stories, we understand Manulife and how the organisation is able to better serve its customers and deliver superior outcomes where decisions are made easier and lives are made better.

The concept behind Manulife Journeys was to create internal stories that could also be shared externally.

That would be just as interesting to employees and those within the organisation as those outside of it.

In this episode of Manulife Journey's we meet Cheecho Cacho, a valued member of Manulife's Talent Acquisition team in The Philippines.

We discover how Cheecho is a lightning rod for inspiration.

After devastating losses that no person should have to endure, he has transcended all obstacles to bring joy and love to the world the best way he knows how.

This is Cheecho’s journey.

This film is the third episode in the series.

The film was shot on location in the Philippines, with creative development and final post-production taking place in Hong Kong.

It was one of the many projects undertaken by APV and Manulife during the COVID Pandemic that was shot safely using remote production.


Creative Director/APV
Thomas J Elliott
Executive Producer/Manulife
Cal Wong
Head of Production/APV
Maggie Choy
Mark Erder
Editor and Colorist/APV
Thomas J Elliott
Executive Producer/APV
Daniel Clarke
Mun Yee Shum
Production Coordinator/APV
Helen Wong
Production Manager/APV
Roxanne Hui
Office Manager/APV
Margaret Cheng
Finance Manager/APV
Ben Chang
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