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2016 SilencerCo Identity Guide

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SilencerCo LLC


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SilencerCo has made a dedicated effort to help lift the draconian restrictions on silencers, especially since silencers actually serve to make firearms safer. Beyond efforts to positively impact NFA-related laws, we at SilencerCo have developed branding to represent our stance: We Are The Suppressed. For 2016, we went all black and white to demonstrate the lack of vibrancy that exists in being a part of The Suppressed. We limited ourselves to dark gray as the darkest value, and off-white as the lightest ~ no true black or true white was permitted. All physical material was printed on a toned gray paper. White was allowed on the website only for click-able links. All photos were taken on film with the addition of real tintype photography.

Vega Awards 2016 SilencerCo Identity Guide Vega Awards 2016 SilencerCo Identity Guide Vega Awards 2016 SilencerCo Identity Guide
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