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Star Wars Flat Design Characters

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Filipe de Carvalho


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Character Design

In 2014, "May The Flat Be With You" was published, a flat design personal project depicting 12 classic Star Wars characters. In 2015, I was asked by Vanity Fair to develop some of the new characters from Disney's next blockbuster "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". The idea was to use some of the classic characters illustrated previously, & mix them with some new ones using the same flat design visual style. The idea behind these illustrations is to strip down the characters to their most basic details, giving them a minimalistic look. Long shadows, strong contrasting colours & simple structuring lines helped the project maintain its clean visual style, while illustrating the characters in a very recognizable way. Browse Full Artworks Here:

Vega Awards Star Wars Flat Design Characters Vega Awards Star Wars Flat Design Characters Vega Awards Star Wars Flat Design Characters
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