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AMPYRA is the only FDA-approved prescription medicine indicated to help improve walking in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), as demonstrated by an increase in walking speed, and is increasingly considered a standard of care for MS patients with walking difficulty. We strategically expanded the focus of our efforts to target a younger patient, earlier in the treatment algorithm. Our goal was to heighten their awareness of walking difficulties and their implications, and suggest actions in the form of a walking assessment, doctor discussion, and free trial of AMPYRA for eligible patients with MS. The winning concept was an integrated "Moment of Truth" campaign, which pinpointed that crucial moment when a patient can no longer ignore the impact of MS-related walking difficulty. The newly transformed website is responsive and was designed to become a fully immersive, visually arresting, and emotionally resonant experience - not merely a repository of information, but an experience to facilitate insight and action towards help. The oversized, visual video panels allow patients to interact with and experience an emotional visceral journey from the "moment of truth" realization to the "I can do something" moment to compel a human behavior to seek treatment with AMPYRA - the Walking Pill.

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