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Where Music Lives

Entrant Company

Zoo Group



Client Name

ANU School of Music


Integrated Marketing Materials

Zoo Group was hired to develop a way to make the School of Music stand out from the crowd. To be a bold new voice that lives up to the values of the school's new direction. To inspire the actions of students in Year 11 and 12, their parents and teachers, and to set the school apart of other conservatories in the market by showing what a 21st Century school of music looks, sounds, feels and acts like. We developed the positioning "Where Music Lives" alongside the bold visual identity to echo the brand values of being a pioneering, and game changing school. This was done through the conceptual idea of music being a creation through movement, and energy. How rhythm was the art form created by energy at every stage. Gone are the days of stuffy, serious conservatories - today, students are searching for a creative outlet for the artistry, and the school's new drive was for exactly that. We developed this visual through photography of current students, alongside beautiful art created through light that brought the vision to life. This was then launched at the university's open day through posters, pull up banners, to coffee cups and a hand out flyer that describes the school's vision and drive going forward. While still in its infancy, the school reached capacity for 2017/2018 enrollments within 2 months of launch; for the first time.

Vega Awards Where Music Lives Vega Awards Where Music Lives Vega Awards Where Music Lives


Creative Director
Jason Perelson
Art Director
Natalie van der Rijt
Production Manager
Murray Barton
James Rush
Light Artist
Patrick Roshon
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