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MAHA BLACK - Craft Beer Branding

Entrant Company

Magnetic Creative



Client Name

Mason Aleworks


Packaging Single

Maha Black was a collaboration project with Mason Aleworks and Magnetic Creative. They gave us the style of beer - Black Rye IPA and we crafted the story, name and visual creative design. The storyline: Maha Black and The Below: Darkness has a Following. Legend has it that down in the city's labyrinthine catacombs, the secret society of the Cimmerians thrives in the darkness of The Below; a realm of perpetual night beneath the bustle of modern life. They live and breathe darkness. Bring it into the physical realm by brewing the black liquid in their hidden tasting rooms. Once they make their oath to Maha Black, they are forever bound to blackness and brethren. Though it's true a Cimmerian can never completely leave The Below, one can always hack off a finger to keep their place in the dark if he needs to venture into Center. Best not give him a reason, though (unless you're prepared to take the oath as well).

Vega Awards MAHA BLACK - Craft Beer Branding Vega Awards MAHA BLACK - Craft Beer Branding


Creative Director
Dave Korinek
Creative Director
David Carrillo
Mani Salazar
Thomas Condry
Creative Director
Jeff Horn
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