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The UniNassau University - which is part of one of the largest educational groups in Latin America, Grupo Ser Educacional - has developed the social project "Beach without Borders", enabling people with disabilities to have access to leisure on the beach and to the sea bath. The film tells a history of a man and his relation and thoughts about the sea.

People with disabilities are often provided of having the basic experiences, like going to the beach and bath in the sea. The project aims to minimize this gap and bring disabled person a chance to experience something new.

Beach Without Borders
The man was not made for the sea.
We are slow swimmers, we don't float, we don't have gills… we can't handle water pressure. Sea water isn't good for us.
We can't even drink it to quench our thirst.
We are not like fish.
You know, the sea would be the last place where any human being would wish to be.
But there's something about these waters that fascinates us ever since we became aware of who we are.
Maybe it's because the sea is the origin of everything that is alive in this world. Even mankind. Or maybe it's because it's simply the most beautiful thing ever created by God.
Science knows very little about the sea. And I… even less.
The only thing I know is that human being is a daring animal;
Enough to discover, provoke, and battle this giant every single day.
None of us was made for the sea.
But everyone of us has the right to feel it for ourselves.
Nassau partners with "Beach Without Borders" Project, making it possible for disabled person to enjoy the beach and to bath in the sea.
Knowledge and a lot of willingness to do good.
That's how Nassau does their part to change people's lives.
Nassau Social. Citizenship inside and outside the classroom.

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Luiz Augusto Corrêa Filho
Creative Director
Lenilson Lima
Art Director
Paulo Rafael, Eugênio Lima
Rafael Paulino, Rafael Pacheco
Cida Araújo
Ludmila Canto, Fernando Santana, Érika Moura, Waneska Silva, Karine Lorenzato, Natália Tavares
Digital Creative
Agnes Pires
Digital Manager
Caio Leão
Digital Media / Media
Jacque Deyse, Thiago Azevedo, Eyder Borges, Deysi Coelho, Leonardo Aguiar, Lidia Rodrigues
Mayra Alves
Fabiana Araújo, Priscila Silva
Production Company
Cordel Filmes
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