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Select Sector SPDRs - TV campaign

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Select Sector SPDRs


TV Ad Campaign

About: Select Sector SPDRs are unique Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that divide the S&P 500 into ten sector index funds. Each can be bought individually, providing you with undiluted exposure to a particular sector or industry group. Brief: Now that SPDR ETFs are well established in the investment marketplace, it’s time to rethink the messages. The new campaign aims to help the target audience understand why it’s important to include SPDRs ETFs in their investment strategies. The creative should stand out in the Financial Services landscape. Live-action should meld with engaging and intriguing animation to get the viewers’ attention and to serve as a tutorial to the overarching as well as specific benefits of SPDR ETFs. The spots should still retain some sense of the established brand identity. Our approach: We wanted to create a campaign that stands out in the Financial Services landscape, because of its creative and inspiring approach. All different, but with same magical feel, recognizable as part of the same family. We chose to build the creative framework around a beautiful library to set the mood and reflect the institution's stature. This live-action setting melts with a CG world, in which books and pages unfold and build inspiring landscapes that are iconic to each sector. Magically unfolding SPDRs' knowledge. Retaining a sense of the established brand identity, but pushing the envelope as you can see when you compare the design used in the campaign to the existing corporate identity showcased on their current website ( Deliverables 1x60 sec TVC with overaraching message 4x30 sec TVC specific sector 1x15 sec TVC cutdown 1x10 sec TVC cutdown.

Vega Awards Select Sector SPDRs - TV campaign Vega Awards Select Sector SPDRs - TV campaign Vega Awards Select Sector SPDRs - TV campaign
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