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Bayer Oncology Pipeline Virtual Reality

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Bayer Pharmaceuticals


Virtual Reality (NEW)

Situation analysis
• The client came to us with a few challenges. Bayer has limited approved drugs in the category, but an increasing pipeline. The clients knew they had an opportunity to showcase their robust and growing pipeline at the largest Oncology Convention in the US: ASCO. The following challenges were considered:
o Share of attention at ASCO is challenging—attracting and engaging attendees with messaging requires a differentiation strategy
o The receiver of knowledge has to be an active learner for a true engagement to take place
o MOA is difficult to communicate in words or though images as it is hard to show flow and a multi-step process
• TECHNOLOGY: Team conducted research on technology that would best solve the challenges and work in a convention setting. The qualifications the team was looking for
were technology that is:
o Easy to use
o Intuitive
o Lightweight
o Highest quality possible
• USER EXPEREIENCE: Since MOA’s are a complex story, we needed something that would allow for high retention of users and for the users to feel safe. We had to consider the following:
o Non-video vs video
o Liner vs non-linear storytelling
o Use of real-time 3D
o 6 degrees of freedom
o Mixed reality vs virtual reality/augmented reality only
• BOOTH SET-UP: It was vital for the team to ensure that set-up at the booth accommodated not only the technology, but garnered interest in the experience. The team focused on a set-up that was:
o Presented in a unique and interesting way
o Open, to draw the crowd
o Allowed for 360-degree swivel
Target audience:
• ASCO attendees, including HCPs (Doctors) who have the potential to enroll eligible patients in clinical trials and media outlets or press who cover the oncology category

Muse Digital Awards Bayer Oncology Pipeline Virtual Reality Muse Digital Awards Bayer Oncology Pipeline Virtual Reality Muse Digital Awards Bayer Oncology Pipeline Virtual Reality


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